Binxet. Under the border


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“Binxet – Under the border” is a journey between life and death, dignity and pain, struggle and freedom. It takes place along the 911 km of the turkish-Syrian border. On the one hand the ISIS, in the other Erdogan’s Turkey. In the middle the borders and one hope. This hope is called Rojava, only one point on the chart of a troubled region, a region of resistance and an example of grassroots democracy that speaks about gender equality, self-determination of peoples and peaceful coexistence. It’s on this strip of land that are playing the most important match; the battle against daesh, the control and closure of the border based on the agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the repressive violence and authoritarian Erdogan dictator. A tale of complaint about the heavy responsibility of Europe in signing an agreement that rapes lives of thousands of people. Only a small part of the history of a people who still do not resign themselves to the idea of being divided by borders. Stories of men, women and children who are the image of non-surrender.


Directed by:
Voice Over: Elio Germano
Edited by: Luigi D'Alife
Shooting: Luigi D'Alife, Kemal Dirbas, “No More Silence”, ANHA
Graphic and Animation: Luigi Sorbilli, Luigi D'Alife
Transalation: Ezel Alcu
Language: Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, English, Italian
Running time: 95 minutes

Film festivals

- Ariano International Film Festival 2017 (Italia)
- Cinema Castello 2017 (Italia)
- Cinecittà Film Fest 2017 (Italia)
- Festival del diritti umani 2017 (Italia)
- Terra di tutti film Festival 2017 (Italia)
- Filmmaker day 2017 – Menzione speciale (Italia)
- Babel Film Festival 2017 – Premio UniCa (Italia)
- Collateral 102 Film Fest – Miglior documentario (Italia)
- London Kurdish Film Festival 2018 (Regno Unito)
- Amed Documentary Film Festival 2018 (Turchia)
- Palma cinecaffè 2018 (Italia)
- Meet the docs film festival 2018 (Italia)